Role & Skills

  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Visuals
  • Coding


  • Mae Boettcher


A one page, scrolling infographic website project based on the National Institute of Justice's Data Visualization Challenge: Using Data to Improve Justice.

The project consisted of large amounts of research followed by ideation, exploring different way to successfully display the information, then arranging infographic to tell a story, and finally code and create a single page scrolling site.

The full site can be see here.



Research & Ideation

Research consisted of interviews with Assistant Chief Inspector Paul Baxley of the US Marshals Service, Asset Forfeiture Division and other experts in the field, as well as government and private publications on money laundering.

Initial ideation explored ways for showing the data from our research.



Visuals were the next focused after the research and Ideation phase of the project. It was important to make sure the entire project was cohesive and unified. the gaol was to make sure the story was visually represented ad told in the efficiently and accessible. Money laundering and all that goes on with in it is not the easiest concept to fully understand, making the easy to understand visuals essential.



Prototyping & Coding

coding wedsite photo.png

The final stage in the project was prototyping and coding for web. This was were interactive ideas were proved and the website took form. With no previous experience coding this phase was also a great learning experience.