The goal of the thermostat project was to redesign the thermostat in an innovative way. I focused on energy efficiency beyond the normal scheduled programmable thermostat and incorporated a barometer to measure air pressure in individual rooms to alert homeowners of open windows and doors. This idea also lead to an interface that was based on the layout of the home. 

Once installed, home owners are prompted to build their home layout. When multiple units are installed WIFI would allow for an automatic layout that could be adjusted by users.

Once the thermostat is set up, home owners can view the room temperatures of each room in the house.

Changing the temperature is easy. Simply select the room that you desire to change the temperature,controls will apear as needed, and set the desired temperature. The thermostat will go back to the home screen and you can watch and feel the temperature rise (or fall).

The built in barometer measures air pressure in each room and can detect any changes.

If a window (or and exterior door) were to be left open, the barometer in the thermostat would detect the change and would put a hold on heating (or cooling) in the effected room.

The home owner can be notified by alert on their phone and can choose to continue heating (or cooling) remotely.

The blacked out room on the display indicates a change in air pressure associated with an open exterior door or window and shuts heating (or cooling) off to that room. To reinstate or override this, users select the room and choose to continue heating )or cooling) the selected room.